10 Days In Hawaii

I want to say Hawaii changed me, but that wouldn’t be accurate. When you brought me to the island you gave me one of the greatest gifts a human being can ever receive, which is to know thyself. I revisited my roots when I stepped foot on that Tarmac. The smell of the salt water and the weight of humidity in the air blanketed my body in a nostalgic familiarity of home that my mind had nearly forgotten. It forced me to face a part of myself I had buried a long time ago and feelings I had never allowed myself to process came crashing in. I finally grieved the loss of leaving Okinawa so unexpectedly as a young girl, a loss that had left me fragile and fragmented well into adulthood. The part of me that I had tried to bury, the tropical, sun loving, ocean craving, care free, little girl came back to me. She welcomed me with open arms, and together we wept at the seashore. So you see, Hawaii didn’t change me, Hawaii returned me.

Tom’s Birthday Flight

The first career I can remember thinking would be pretty cool to have as a kid was that of a pilot. I was obsessed with flying when I was little, no doubt assisted by the many forms of media that explored that fantasy– Dragonball Z and Animorphs being the most influential that I can remember.

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When You Belong To Your Belongings

When camping my thoughts drifted to “belongings”, since we had so little of them for two weeks. I hate being surrounded by stuff, so when we moved into a house from an apartment I thought that I was finally free. Our apartment wasn’t huge—it had one bedroom, a small bathroom, and it was our first…

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A Rainy Day At An Arcade

One of my favorite things about this adventure were the thunderstorms. I would lie in the tent reading and listening, sometimes just listening, observing rain drops tumble down the tent cover and inevitably disappear from sight. I had nothing to do but be there, right there, watching it pour. It was refreshing. One night the…

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Two Weeks Camping in Michigan (Part 1)

I grew up surrounded by large bodies of water. Living on an island in Japan until I was ten and then moving to a small town on the edge of Lake Michigan, the water was never far. I saw it literally every day. I realized how incredibly lucky I’d been when I moved to Toronto….

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Canada Day – Biking To Roadside Johnny’s

This Canada Day we took an impromptu trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake with our pals Josh & Amanda. Josh, who grew up around Niagara, was able to lead us to a delicious farmer’s stand called Roadside Johnny’s- apparently, it’s a local secret. They don’t seem to have a Facebook, or a website, but they were packed all…

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Dandelion Jam

A few weekends ago Tom and I rode our bikes across town to meet with Sam & Harper for an adventure in dandelion picking and jam making. We roasted veggie dogs over a campfire and even found wild asparagus to harvest and sneak home. We biked home in the sunset and made it home just…

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