Toronto and Camros Organic Eatery

We’re kind of weird when it comes to Toronto.

Every time we go to visit we both comment on how much we like visiting, how much there is to do, the diversity, the meal options… The list goes on. We like it, we almost always have a good time and we usually look forward to going back again. Despite that though, we don’t think we could live there.

That busyness that makes Toronto great and gives it the diversity and that ‘never-nothing-to-do’ feeling is fantastic when you’re visiting. But ultimately Sara and I are both home-bodies. We like the peace and quiet, star-gazing and getting out into the country. Toronto is not a good place for that, because it’s always on. I think that would wear us down after a while.

It is kind of cool living so close though. It’s kind of like going for a vacation every time we go down there, and we almost always find a cool new place to eat or grab coffee.

Camros Organic Eatery just happened to be one of those places.



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