Two Weeks Camping in Michigan (Part 1)

I grew up surrounded by large bodies of water. Living on an island in Japan until I was ten and then moving to a small town on the edge of Lake Michigan, the water was never far. I saw it literally every day. I realized how incredibly lucky I’d been when I moved to Toronto. I found myself still on the edge of water but this water was different. It wasn’t swimmable unless you checked the PH balance for the day (heartbreaking, I know) and on its best days kinda smelled. Now we’ve known Miranda and Kal for only two years now, but we’ve had enough bonding experiences that make it feel like we’ve been friends for seven+, so I have been yearning to show them my old stomping grounds. I wanted them to see the places I was always telling stories about, to unplug and have an adventure with nature, and mostly to share that place in my heart with them. So we did. We spent ten days in woods on the edge of a lake, living in tents. And now I’m sharing it with you.

Moments 9, 10, 24, 25 & 37 by Miranda.

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